SEO Engineering Public Projects

The SEO team at Wayfair is supported by a dedicated engineering team that builds our suite of in-house tools, continually improves the SEO code on our family of sites, and explores and measures the latest SEO trends — from HTTPS to AMP. In addition to proprietary work for Wayfair, the……

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Medals of Freedom for Software

Last week, President Obama awarded his Presidential Medals of Freedom. There were some incredible people on the list of recipients, and we salute them all. Most notably for us he recognized two women, Margaret Hamilton and Grace Hopper, who blazed a path in software development with their incredible breakthroughs, led the pack for……

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Wayfair’s 3D Model API

When we started Wayfair Next – Wayfair’s R&D group that explores next generation experiences, we spoke to a lot of AR and VR application developers who were interested in creating experiences for us. In line with our engineering culture, we wanted to create the experiences ourselves and figure out how……

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Testing PHP7

PHP7 is out. This isn’t news. It’s been out since last December, with nine minor revisions since then. What’s new is that it’s serving all of Wayfair’s customer-facing traffic. Performance-wise, PHP7 is the rocket ship people said it… Read more


Statsdcc is a Statsd-compatible high performance multi-threaded network daemon written in C++. It aggregates stats and sends the results to backends, especially Graphite. We are proud to announce that we are opensourcing it today. Check out the code at