Andrew Rota and Matt DeGennaro of Wayfair Engineering are giving a talk on a Javascript framework we have written at Wayfair called ‘Tungsten,’ which shares goals and ideas with React.js but interoperates with Backbone, which we use heavily. It’s at the BostonJS meetup tonight at Bocoup, with a $5 cover:, on a double bill with Calvin Metcalf. It should be a great night.

Andrew has given a couple of talks at national conferences recently, on other front-end topics. First there was cssdevconf 2014, on web components (slides here:, and more recently React.js Conf 2015, where he spoke about the interoperation of web components and React. Wow, that was a hot conference! Tickets could be had for only a few minutes before it was sold out. Fortunately the Facebook conference people are always really great about posting video, and here’s his talk on Youtube, with slides:

Update: the slides from the presentation last Thursday night are up, here: