The SEO team at Wayfair is supported by a dedicated engineering team that builds our suite of in-house tools, continually improves the SEO code on our family of sites, and explores and measures the latest SEO trends — from HTTPS to AMP.

In addition to proprietary work for Wayfair, the SEO team strives to be a valuable member of the SEO community by publishing SEO test results, building tools available to the public, and even using SEO for charity.

Wayfair SEO Team Luau

The Wayfair SEO Team holds a luau

Nofollow Link Highlighter Chrome Plugin

To help internal teams who work with bloggers more easily monitor and maintain nofollow standards in compliance with Google’s guidelines, we built a Chrome Plugin that automatically highlights links to specific domains you set, and changes the color of the highlighting based on whether the link is followed or nofollowed.

You can read about the the plugin in detail here on the Wayfair engineering blog.

Google & Wayfair high five

Web Page Link Calculator

An important part of SEO, particularly for very large authoritative sites, is controlling the flow of authority through the site, as SEO Manager Alex Stein discussed in his MozCon presentation about Project Whack a Mole.

To assist in identifying these links and measuring the impact they have on authority flow, we built a Link Calculator: just enter any web page and it will give you a count of the links, a representative projection of the amount of authority that flows through each link, and list out every link on the page that it finds. It will automatically pull links from both the desktop and mobile sites.

Try the tool out — you might find that your site has far, far more links than you ever imagined. And removing low value global nav links can have a big impact on your SEO rankings.

SEO for Charity

SEO Hero badgeAfter a hard day of doing SEO in the office, the SEO team often likes to spend our free time doing more SEO!

Currently I’m trying to demonstrate that SEO can be used to make the world a better place, by using SEO alone to raise $50k for Worldbuilders. I’ve built a site to enter the SEO Hero competition, with the purpose of donating all of the winnings to charity.

If the site ranks #1 by mid-March, it wins — but with a global contest, competition is fierce and the contest rules state that only brand new sites are eligible. Thus we not only have to outrank all the competition, but also all the established sites, such as SEO news sites whose articles reporting on the contest are rankings.