Reliable outbound fulfillment, inventory replenishment, and positioning are all fundamental to creating an online purchase experience that delights our customers with rapid home delivery. As a result of our commitment to this reliability, we strive to offer one and two-day delivery times when possible, sharpen customer pricing, lower fulfillment costs, and increase sales through high in-stock levels paired with an exciting delivery experience. In this video, Senior Product Manager Alex Pankhurst will explain how Wayfair is heavily invested in building automated solutions in this space, including scaling our platforms as the complexities of our supply chain continue to grow.  



Alex moved to the East Coast from Chicago to complete his undergraduate studies in Economics at Brown University. Upon graduation, he joined Wayfair as part of the campus recruiting process to join our Product organization focusing on inventory systems and our outbound network, before moving into the inventory replenishment space. In his spare time, he enjoys beating his teammates in fantasy football, exploring new places, and basketball.