Author: Jonathan K.

Jonathan is a Senior Software Engineer at Wayfair. He leads the Web Performance team, which focuses on performance and scalability projects. In his free time he likes to play Ultimate, travel, and read web performance blogs (yeah, really). You can find him on Twitter @jonathanklein, and if you are in the Boston area be sure to check out the Boston Web Performance Meetup group that Jonathan started!

Northeast PHP Recap

Last weekend was the inaugural run of the Northeast PHP Conference in Boston.  Wayfair was a gold sponsor, so we bought t-shirts, paid for apps and beer at the Saturday night event, and also sent about 15 engineers to the event.  I gave a talk on High Performance… Read more

Progressive Enhancement For a Faster Site

Progressive Enhancement is often described as an alternate approach to “Graceful Degradation” – it encourages focusing on the most basic functionality first and then building out from there.  It also forms the core of the Yahoo! Graded Browser Support model, which we use as a guide for our… Read more