What We Do

We create model driven experiments to drive business impact. Check out our blog to learn about ongoing projects!

Our Data


Terabytes of Data Captured Daily


Billion Google Ads per Month


Full Years of Clickstream Data


Million Tagged and Classified Images


Million Products in Catalogue


Million Customer Reviews

Our Teams

Personalization & Recommendations
ML Systems Engineering
Operations Research
Computer Vision
Data Science EU

Our Blog

Meet Jen Wang: Chemist. Traditional Chinese Medicine Enthusiast. Data Scientist.

May 14, 2019

How does a chemist with a postdoc in drug design end up working as a data scientist at an e-commerce home furnishings company? “Ha, so it’s a long story actually,” says Jen Wang, data science manager on the Marketing team at Wayfair.  Jen a...

Meet John Walk: Ice Climber. Nuclear Physicist. Data Scientist.

John stands out in a room. With a flaming red beard and an arm of tattoos, he looks like he might be more at home in a Nordic tavern than an office. But once you notice his Captain Hammer t-shirt, the Gandalf action figure on his desk, and start talk...

Wayfair DS Explains It All: Peter B. Golbus on Theoretical Machine Learning

May 13, 2019

This week in Wayfair Data Science’s Explainer Series, Data Science Tech Lead Peter B. Golbus discusses machine learning from a theoretical computer science perspective. In this video, we describe multiclass classification as an encoding task, i.e. ...

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of analytical problem solvers. And we might be more than a little nerdy.









Our Leaders

Dan Wulin

Director of Data Science

PhD Physics

University of Chicago

Corey Gilbertson

Head of Pricing

BA Economics

Hamilton College

Tulia Plumettaz

Head of DS Merchandising

PhD Operations Research

Columbia University

Anvesh Sati

Head of DS Marketing

MBA Finance & Entrepreneurship

Babson College

Sunanda Parthasarathy

Head of Personalization & Recommendations

PhD Physics

Purdue University

Jae-Woo Choi

Head of Computer Vision

PhD Electrical Engineering


Susan O’Dell

Head of Operations Research

MS Operations Research


Franklyn Tamalenus

Head of ML Systems Engineering

MBA Marketing & E-Commerce

University of Rochester

Benjamin Schroeder

Head of Data Science EU

PhD History

Humboldt University of Berlin

How We Work

Here at Wayfair Data Science, our core values are rigor, curiosity, and fun.


From search engines to shipping logistics, Data Science is central to everything we do at Wayfair. As such, it's vital that we get things right. Our thorough in-house testing platform, rolling code deployments, and iterative research-style approach ensure that our work is thorough, precise, and driving the business.


Wayfair’s abundance of data means that there are always new problems to be solved. As such, team members are empowered to explore our data to develop new, high impact ideas and then develop experiments to probe those questions. We also partner with professors and students from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, and Cornell to bring the most advanced ML technologies into production.


No one is too busy to brainstorm or answer a question, and code is shared as freely as the snacks in the kitchen. We like doing things together, whether that means collaborating on a pricing experiment or going rockclimbing, kayaking, painting, or visiting a distillery with our coworkers during our monthly pod outings.