Diversity in Tech: Data Science Manager Jen Wang Shares Her Thoughts with ForbesBooks

August 13, 2018

Rachel Kirkwood

Workplace diversity is not just an ethical issue. Teams that overcome diversity issues (e.g., gender, race, ethnicity, experience) often achieve greater productivity than homogeneous teams. If you’re surrounded by people who are different from you, you will be constantly challenged to reexamine facts, think deeper, and explain better. In this way diversity can enhance creativity and boost team performance and technological innovation.

In a recent episode of the Advantage|ForbesBooks podcast, Wayfair’s Data Science Manager, Wang, speaks with Gregg Stebben and Fabio Tambosi about diversity in tech, especially women leadership in AI and business. The episode was recorded at the June 2018 ForwardLeading Boston AI Leaders Summit, where Jen served as a panelist in the “Artificial Tech, Intelligent Women” discussion session. In this podcast, Jen shares her opinion on the importance of diversity and her experience as female leader in data science, and discusses how technology and AI can empower human to do greater things together.

Listen to this podcast via the link below!

Jen Wang, Ph.D., Data Science Manager at Wayfair, Discusses AI, machine learning, and the meaning of life

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