How We Detect Anomalies in Our Product Recommendations Metrics

April 11, 2019

Introduction If you are a Wayfair customer looking for some wall art to decorate your house, chances are you will land on our wall art SuperBrowse pa...

Wayfair Data Science Launches New Video Explainer Series!

January 7, 2019

Find out about how Wayfair tackles product recommendations in our first installment!   Wayfair Data Science is composed of a number of sub-te...

Information Retrieval and Machine Learning at Wayfair

July 6, 2018

Come find us! Next week, Wayfair Data Science will be hitting the road. Data scientists and engineers from across our teams will be attending the SIG...

Everywhere You Look: Computer Vision at Wayfair

June 8, 2018

Next week, Wayfair Data Science will be at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in Salt Lake City. We're bringing data scientists an...

Object Detection and Visual Search Improvements

May 18, 2018

Last year, Wayfair launched Visual Search, a new and novel way to find products on our website. Users can now upload photos of furniture they like and...

A Cornucopia of Area Rugs: Will a Diverse Set of Choices Help Customers Find More of What They Love?

February 20, 2018

Right now, Wayfair has about 86,000 rugs available for purchase. On the first page of our rug category page, however, we only have room for the top 48...

Recommending Visually Similar Products Using Content Based Features

December 1, 2017

Multiple recommendation systems at Wayfair use collaborative filtering based models to understand user behavior and identify like-minded customers. De...

Better Lucene/Solr searches with a boost from an external naive Bayes classifier

October 23, 2012

Me: Doug, what are you doing? Doug: Solving the problem of class struggle with one of Greg's classifiers. Me:  Karl Marx should call his office.  What do you mean by that? Doug: Let me explain... (more…)