Better Lucene/Solr searches with a boost from an external naive Bayes classifier

October 23, 2012

Me: Doug, what are you doing? Doug: Solving the problem of class struggle with one of Greg's classifiers. Me:  Karl Marx should call his office.  What do you mean by that? Doug: Let me explain... (more…)

Information Week Interviews Wayfair on its use of Markov Clustering

September 28, 2012

These days, in the big data community, we often hear how biologists have adopted and are using distributed computing technologies that were first intr...

Recommendations with Markov Clustering

February 23, 2012

Our story begins in Holland in 1997, where a researcher named Stijn van Dongen, who is pretty good at Go, has a 5-minute flash of insight into modelin...

Recommendations with simple correlation metrics on implied preference data

January 30, 2012

[latexpage] When you sit down to write a recommendations system, there are quite a few  well-practiced techniques you can use, and it's difficult to...