FreeBSD ZFS Boot Environments

FreeBSD has spent the last few years implementing awesome Solaris-based features such as DTrace and ZFS. Here at Wayfair, we use FreeBSD on our servers and our development environments. As a security engineer for Wayfair, I’m tasked with many fun projects. I get to test out different configurations and applications……

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Progressive Enhancement For a Faster Site

Progressive Enhancement is often described as an alternate approach to “Graceful Degradation” – it encourages focusing on the most basic functionality first and then building out from there.  It also forms the core of the Yahoo! Graded Browser Support model, which we use as a guide for our… Read more

Wayfair Code Deployment, Part 3

If you haven’t already read the overview of our deployment system or the architecture of our deployment server you might want to check those posts out first. In this article I will discuss how we deploy code in a unique… Read more

Have you heard about ESC Conference 2011?

If you haven’t heard about the ESC Conference yet, you should check it out! It’s a new conference this year, giving us all another place to congregate and discuss running code and systems at scale. If you’ve been to a devopsdays conference before then you will… Read more

Eric Ries and the Lean Startup

Last January Eric Ries was kind enough to host a continuous deployment breakfast at Wayfair. It was a great discussion, and we were happy to learn that we have independently arrived at similar conclusions over the last 9 years, and built a system that aligns closely with… Read more

Wayfair Code Deployment, Part 2

The architecture of the deployment system In the last post I explained our deployment system goals and the basic architecture. Now that stage is set, let’s get into the details of the architecture from the deployment server perspective. As we designed the deployment server we wanted… Read more

Continuous Improvement

The Wayfair Engineering team isn’t really on the continuous integration bandwagon, but our deployment model comes pretty close naturally because of our desire for continuous improvement. In the block to the right of the homepage we are displaying the number of code deployments that engineers at Wayfair have done over……

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