Continuous Improvement

The Wayfair Engineering team isn’t really on the continuous integration bandwagon, but our deployment model comes pretty close naturally because of our desire for continuous improvement. In the block to the right of the homepage we are displaying the number of code deployments that engineers at Wayfair have done over……

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Wayfair Code Deployment

Part 1 of a series on Code Deployment at Wayfair Code Deployment at Wayfair has always been about creating the fastest and most friction free deployment process possible . Architecture History For the last 9 years our platform has been primarily a Classic ASP environment… Read more


Wayfair was founded in 2002 by engineers and is, at its heart, a technology company — one that’s focused on solving the difficult problems associated with selling a zillion products online (well, officially just over 4 million at the time this was written). The retail industry is… Read more