Wayfair 3D University is a key initiative to showcase tutorials and trainings on how to generate 3D models in a fast, scalable, and cost-effective manner. Our goal is to share what we’ve learned, provide a comprehensive overview of our modeling standards and tools, and empower our suppliers to create and submit high-quality models. These 3D assets can be used on our website, in AR applications, in “shop the room” features, and more.

In addition to providing digital content in a fast and cost-effective manner, 3D modeling also enhances the shopping experience. High quality models are indistinguishable from photographs, and can be leveraged in applications beyond the product display page. New experiences like AR applications and “shop the room” features mean that customers can engage with products in more ways than ever before.

Wayfair 3D University is currently only available to Wayfair suppliers.

Interested in learning more? Contact 3DModeling@wayfair.com to get started.