08. The Ribbon

At the top of the 3D Viewport is the Ribbon, a context sensitive selection of modeling tools. When the Editable Poly or Edit Poly modifiers are active on your object, you will see a listing of various tools that you can use.

a. Modeling

Under Modeling you will see a variety of mesh editing tools. These will allow you to add loops of connected edges to add more detail, enable Constraints to make editing easier, and more. Note that these tools are context sensitive and will change depending on which sub-object mode you have activated (Vertex, Edge, Border, Face, or Element).

b. Freeform

The Freeform tools are Max’s sculpting tools and can be activated by using Push/Pull, Smudge, etc. under this tab. Freeform modeling is a bit like working with clay, and allows you to modify large areas of the object at once. It’s great for making organic tweaks to your model, like tufting, folds, etc.

c. Selection

The Selection tools under this tab allow for more detailed selections of subobject items. They also allow you to create selection sets for later use. These are advanced features that are not generally required for day-to-day use of 3DS Max, but they can improve your workflow.

d. Object Paint

The Object Paint tools allow you to select one object and then place duplicates of it along the mouse’s path. These duplicates can also be painted onto the surface of another object.

e. Populate

The Populate tools allow you to add animated crowds to a scene. These are not used for the work Wayfair does.