Table of Contents:

UV Exercise: UV Map a Chair

01. UV Mapping Overview

On your own you will be unwrapping the chair model that you made in Section 02-4. To check your work on this exercise you can review the completed model and compare. Remember that you will need the Wayfair UV material to complete this assignment.
This SKU is challenging to unwrap, especially around the legs. Notice that on the real product the legs are made of bent layers of wood that are bent at the corners. This means that your UV map will have to be continuous around these corners.

The best way to UV map these areas will be in a continuous strip. If you have some distortion in these zones that is OK, but minimize it as much as possible by moving individual vertices within the UV map.

HINT: Once you have each face of the legs unwrapped, using the Align to Pivot controls (top) and the Straighten Selection button will be very helpful for creating straight leg sections and joining the pieces together.